how long will it take to deliver my parcel(s)?

shipping may take from 8 days up to 2 months, depending on your location and the opening hours of your local office. the avrage delivery time is around 14 business days.

note: the delivery may take longer in february due holiday season

if i order multiple items, will they arrive in 1 package?

if you order multiple products , they may come sepsrately to ensure quicker delivery.

who delivers my item(s)?

your orders are delivered by our fulfillment center and will normally be handed to you via local postal service.

what time deliveries are usually made?

usually during business hours. (monday to friday, 9am-5pm) but that will depend on your local delivery service.

What happens if i am not at home?

small enough items will be delivered to your postbox, bigger items will be left at your local post office for you to pick up.